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Carine, Baker

Carine Baking a Low-Carb Recipe

I am Carine Claudepierre, the low-carb baker, writer, food photographer, and videographer at Sweet As Honey. The low-carb baking recipes you’ll find here are inspired by my story and the people I love.

I’m a published author of the book Clean Bakery published by Bateman. I’ve also had recipes published in various magazines and on RNZ.

Read my interview with Angie Noy.

I am a baking lover, a sweet tooth, and I found balance living a low-carb life. I reversed my prediabetes with a low-carb diet, and here I share with you my passion for easy, nourishing low-carb baking recipes.

I am also a mum of 2 kids, and I love crafting with them. You can find all my kids crafting ideas at Busy Little Kiddies, with activities such as a garden sensory bin or a 2-ingredient cloud dough recipe!

xoxo, Carine

Sweet As Honey supports everyone in their low-carb living journey, providing easy low-carb recipes that don’t compromise on taste to live a happy low-carb lifestyle.


“Low-carb baking and cooking doesn’t have to be difficult.”

— Carine

350+ Keto-friendly Recipes

We believe that refined sugar and simple carbohydrates are the cause of many health issues, causing blood sugar levels to spike, leading to fatigue, cravings, obesity, diabetes, mood swings, and heart disease.

We also know the challenge of changing to a low-carb lifestyle and the baking craving that goes with it. Low-carb baking can be intimidating at first.

Here at Sweet As Honey, we want to help you make low carb baking simple to live a happy fulfilled low carb life.

We believe that we all deserve a tasty piece of bread, cookie, brownies, or pancakes once in a while that won’t blow our carb counts and makes us feel good. Our mission is to help you enjoy low-carb baked goods by sharing easy low-carb baking recipes that don’t compromise on taste and won’t blow your macros.

Our Food Philosophy

Here at Sweet As Honey, we want to support your low carb lifestyle whatever your age, diet or health background. We believe that everyone can get on a low carb living journey that leads to a happy energized body. We are here to give you easy low carb baking recipes to support any lifestyle.

Keto Recipes

Almond Flour Cornbread (13)

For those who want to consume the lowest carbs possible, focuse on healthy fat and natural sugar-free sweeteners like stevia, Monk Fruit, or Erythritol.

These low-carb recipes may use dairy, cheese, eggs but no high-carb fruits or sugar. Low-carb keto baking recipes are 100% Gluten-free + Grain-free + Sugar-free

Paleo Recipes

Low carb Chocolate Chips Muffins

For those who want to live a life with fewer carbs, dairy-free, and grain-free but still want to enjoy some carbs from fruits or unrefined sugar like honey, coconut sugar, or maple syrup.

Paleo low-carb recipes are 100% Gluten-free + Dairy-free + Grain-free + Refined-Sugar-free

Keto Vegan Recipes

Coconut Cauliflower Rice

For those who want to live a cruelty-free lifestyle focusing on wholesome nourishing ingredients with healthy complex carbs including natural sweeteners like coconut sugar, brown rice syrup, or maple syrup.

Plant-based low-carb recipes are 100% Dairy-free + Egg-free + Animal-protein-free + refined-sugar-free

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